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Why choose Oneworld Plus Management (OWPM) as your AIFM?

OWPM is based and regulated in Cyprus.  As an EU member state, Cyprus transposed the AIFMD into national law in 2013. Cyprus benefits from the harmonisation of EU financial services regulations and the cross border management and marketing passports.

  • OWPM operates as a 3rd party AIFM.  We provide services to third party funds whether they be standalone in a jurisdiction of their choice or on one of our umbrella fund platforms in Ireland, Luxembourg or Cyprus.  We provide services to new funds or to existing funds that now require an AIFM or are changing AIFM.
  • We can help you streamline your fund operations; using us as you single point of contact.  We manage the relationship and day to day management with the fund administrator, middle office, regulators, banking, accounting, audit and depositary.
  • Utilising one of the Oneworld fund platforms enables you to launch your fund quickly and with significantly lower costs than setting up your own structure. Choose between one of the three jurisdictions each with their own flavour of fund structure, being fully regulated Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), Registered/Reserved AIFs (RAIFS) or Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF).
  • Utilising one of the existing Oneworld platforms means all service providers are in place, saving months of time and costs in the selection of these providers. Selecting service providers can be a frustrating experience for a start-up fund as many will not deal with small stand-alone funds or funds that do not have substantial seeding AUM of at least 50 to 100 million for some.  
  • Oneworld has completed necessary due diligence and likewise has been subject to due diligence both from the service providers and fund jurisdiction regulator for its fund platforms.
  • Cost savings: is one of the main advantages of the platform route, as certain fixed overheads and costs (such as directors’ fees), are spread across the entire platform. A platform can also take advantage of economies of scale or economic efficiencies to obtain lower fee rates from service providers as more sub-funds are added.
  • The all-important ability to market is achieved by using Oneworld and its AIFM marketing passport. Oneworld handles all the required submissions to target countries.
  • Utilising an AIFM is one of the easiest, cheapest and safest ways to ensure your fund remains compliant with AIFMD regulations and can access the European market.
  • OWPM is managed and staffed with knowledgeable people. With experience in AIFM services across several jurisdictions and different service providers, and funds ranging from private equity, to land development to transferable securities, Oneworld is well placed to meet your requirements.

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