We kindly notify you that Oneworld Plus Management Ltd has ceased offering its AIFM and UCITS Management services and activities following the voluntarily renunciation of its licence.
The management of One World R.A.I.F Umbrella fund has been transferred to Eleon Capital Management https://www.eleoncapital.com/ as the licensed and approved fund manager by CySEC. Therefore, please refer to Eleon for any enquiries regarding the aforementioned R.A.I.F..
We wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused and ensure you that we have taken all necessary actions to protect our clients’ interests.

UCITS Management Services

Oneworld Plus Management Limited is an authorised UCITS management company regulated in Cyprus with the capacity to passport its services to any EU jurisdiction such as Luxembourg and Ireland.

Fund Registrations
OPM can assist you to launch your UCITS fund using our network of service providers in any of the popular EU jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Luxembourg and Ireland. Having your fund managed and operated through our UCITS management company will allow you to focus on fund raising and investor relations.

We review processes, procedures and ongoing activities performed by the investment adviser or delegated manager. Our investment compliance service includes the constant monitoring of a fund’s portfolio to ensure compliance with the investment restrictions defined by UCITS law and by the offering document of the fund.
We review processes, procedures and ongoing activities performed by the Administrator. This includes monitoring of Fund Accounting, NAV calculations, investor subscriptions/redemptions, KYC collection and record keeping.
Monitoring of the depositary: We review processes, procedures and ongoing activities performed by the principal depositary.
We have a dedicated team focusing on due diligence and oversight of key delegated functions such as central administration, transfer agent, depository, investment manager and distributor. We can help you perform all of the required initial and ongoing oversight and due diligence.

Risk Management
UCITS Law determines that management companies must employ an effective risk management process to monitor and measure, at any time, the risk of positions held and their contribution to the overall risk profile of the portfolio. Our risk management solution facilitates the active management, early recognition and evaluation of risks and enables investment vehicles to be fully compliant with European regulatory requirements.
Our Risk Management experts are dedicated to ensure the protection of your fund, providing regular updates to the Fund’s governing body and senior management in accordance with our Risk Management System, which include tasks related to:
  • Implementing effective risk management policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that risk limits always remain in line with the risk profile the fund discloses to investors
  • Monitoring adherence to risk limits
We will be responsible to identify, measure, manage and monitor all the risks involved with your investments using sophisticated software solutions and a number of meaningful and value adding indicators, including VaR, and Capital and Liquidity stress testing based on real-life scenarios.
Risk and Performance Analysis and Reports
Using our dedicated investment and risk management software can extract useful information on your fund’s performance and risk statistics, such as performance contribution and attribution, benchmark analysis and comparison, risk decomposition, absolute and relative risk metrics and risk adjusted returns.
Legal, Compliance and Reporting
Gain peace of mind by allowing us to ensure that all regulatory reports relating to your funds, such as UCITS reporting requirements, Central Bank reporting, MiFID transaction reporting, EMIR, are completed and submitted to the regulator on time.
We will prepare all the KIID documents for your fund, to meet the standards set by regulation and keep them up-to-date with latest figures on performance and costs.

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