Elena Kaimi Busila

Fund Administrator

Elena Kaimi Busila is the Senior Fund Administrator under the Fund Administration of Oneworld Plus Management, responsible for processing receipt of incoming funds and outgoing wires, distributing Net Asset Values and all fund reporting to investors, assisting with audits, and maintain the register of investors and statutory records. Her work experience so far in the financial industry in Cyprus is considered of significant importance for the development and well-functioning of the Fund Administration Department of the Firm. As a former employee in a reputable Big 4 Accounting Firm & Corporate Service provider in Cyprus as well as her senior position in one of the large Bank institutions of the island, provides significant support to the Fund Administration Department in order to meet investors’ needs and queries for a variety of matters related to accounting, transaction monitoring and reporting.
Elena speaks Russian, Greek and English languages fluently and she is also holder of qualification by the American Institute of Bankers as well as Holder of Economics Degree from the Saint Petersburg University.

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